Cholesterol is only good

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Cholesterol: onlyEveryone knows that it is supposed to do something if you want to feel great and have no problems with the blood vessels and heart. But what exactly?

Everyone knows that cholesterol can be «bad» and «good.» Good work for the good of the body, and the bad blood is deposited on the walls of arteries, forming plaques. But few people know that cholesterol plays a very important role in our body.

These fatty molecules involved in the development of nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord, in the synthesis of hormones, vitamin D, and bile acids. Cholesterol deficiency causes damage to the brain, reducing the production of hormones, libido, causing indigestion, leading to depression. A healthy body regulates cholesterol that generates our own liver, and a certain amount comes from food (eggs, meat, dairy products). Read the rest of this entry »

Feng Shui love — how to attract love

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Feng Shui love - how to attract loveAll of us women need love and affection. But sometimes fate deals us, despite everything that is good and, unfortunately sounds never get that same prince on a white horse has a certain number of days, and sometimes even years.

One can only think about how to achieve to attract self-love in his personal life, in your own home. And go to the fortified measures to save his soul and the other senses that are so in need of protection, emotional, spiritual, physical … man.

So, if you were tired of being alone, and I want to find a soul mate in this world, if you are looking not only for the person who will understand and apply in their own little world, but also a man who really loves you as a woman, then you should refer to ancient and wise way — feng shui love. Read the rest of this entry »

Bring money tree house

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dengi v dom prinesut derevja 1 Bring money tree houseAll nations have their own beliefs, linking objects of flora with health, wealth and happy person. Scientific explanation for this is not yet, but some plants can really affect the welfare of the house where there. Slavs believed that the house will bring an abundance of fruit trees that produce small red fruits (cherry, rowan), the Celts worshiped the oak not only as a symbol of strength and protection, but also a tree, standing on guard the welfare of the family, and connoisseur of modern magic plant Cunningham advises to raise money to use saffron.

Now, when the population is predominantly urban, apartment problematic grow cherry or oak. But there are plants that perform the same task successfully developed in urban apartments.

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